Start again and again till you feel better and each oppurtunity is always considered as taking new life according to me. It can happen many hundreds of times through out your life and this is perfectly normal. To acheive success as per your definations and fulfilling all your life wishes is never wrong. Its never too late. There is nothing odd in feeling low or void but its good to bounce back on own. No help comes always to our rescue.

Each day is fresh and new if we learn to take and see life from a different view. Its ok to feel bad. Its fine to make mistakes and its alright to feel low and experience a sort of dullness at times.


Find your own happiness!!

Thanks for taking time and checking my post!!

Top view!

Hi There!!

who doesn’t like the top view? Top position at your job place, top view from your home balcony or any other top angles in your life, career or around. I am sure each of you has experienced at least a few top angles while you tried any roller coaster ride, water rides or any other fun rides in amusement parks some time in your life. No doubt its thrilling and I love it too.

Many of them including younger ones, elders and at times if health permits older generation can easily understand, feel and enjoy the thrill in these top views or angles they experience for few minutes through these various rides, games or any other fun-filled mediums. But have we thought of the top view of life and its beauty? The impact it creates on us and our lives when we start thinking and seeing everything from the top view? What kind of thrill or fun it’s going to be? What we may experience when we try to think stuff from top viewpoint when required in our daily life or during any other critical situation?

Ability to think beyond, Decision-making skills, adaptability, and maturity to act in each situation in our life is most important. Few key skills once implemented can change our perception totally towards life and accordingly consequences follow. Let me put an example that popped up in my mind while I was returning back from my gym the other day.

It was Monday and as part of my routine, I headed to the gym. Finished 45 mins of work out and met my gym friends on a regular chat. One of my friends is carrying and she was slowly working out on thread mill at her own comfort.  After a while, I decided to take the stairs instead of the lift for a change. I even remembered taking stairs was a regular habit in my childhood and now people prefer lift even for the first floor. I need to finish 8 floors in order to come to my flat and I thought this can add to my regular gym. I started slowly climbing each staircase and reached floor 1. There is a park just opposite my building where I am able to view the lush greenery through the transparent glasses of the building at each floor while climbing. When I reached floor 1 I stopped by a minute and realized the view fo the park at ground floor is different from floor 1. I clicked a picture with the mobile in my hand for a recap later. After a few minutes, I reached floor 3 and realized the view is even more different from floor 1 and ground. In fact, the view is much better and clear.  Strangely this is the same park I see each day from my balcony but now, my mind started seeing the it in different ways. I continued climbing stairs and reached floor 6. The view of the park also included the view of beautiful buildings and architecture it has around. That was even more wonderful. At each stop 1//3/6 I clicked pictures.

Finally, I reached floor 8. The TOP VIEW is just spectacular and awesome. Everything is clear, near to my mind and I could sense the differences between the views on each floor I had. My mind immediately felt soothing and relaxed for no reason. This thought popped up immediately while I was standing there enjoying the top angle view of the city, park, and things around me. Initially, my view was so narrow and limited. As and when I am climbing stairs and reaching the top view, the clouds are clear with greenery underneath and beautiful city in the middle with a top view. In the same way, if a person is able to slowly enhance one’s own thinking abilities and perceive things accordingly the view he gets at the end is enormous.  He/she will be able to understand from various angles according to the situation and not just from his/her own perspective. The mind has the superpower to think, analyze and articulate things. It’s just that we need to tune it accordingly and make it learn how to balance varieties of emotions and situations around us. It is so innocent that whatever we give, it immediately tends to show us back. Anger, sadness, joy all are so essential in our lives, we tend to ignore few, imbalance few and leave a few on its own. Rather if we try to take charge of each of them and learn to balance, life changes from the next minute. What is life? It’s our thinking, perceiving things and our action towards each person or situation. My understanding followed many other consequences I personally had in the past and meanwhile I reached my flat door slowly.

I understood, anger love, sadness, and all other emotions have a definite meaning and should be used wisely in the right place, with the right people and at right time. Like the way we drink and finish our favorite drinks to the last drop, life has its own hidden beauty and grace. Matured thinking, wisdom, and fine knowledge is most important to handle each situation and conquer the difficulties. It’s like we change the camera lenses according to the height, depth, and angle of the image to be clicked perfectly, I guess a person needs to think wise, adapt and accommodate according to the challenge, situation or person accordingly for better peaceful life experience.


Difficult situations and people can be better handled when we start seeing them from a little far rather than sticking around and making more mess. Thanks to my better half in life who started mentoring me since we met.

Hope you would start seeing things differently and give a try to think beyond when required and make your own life more beautiful and lively. This gives some sense of internal satisfaction and happiness to us and to the people around. Positivity can spread fast too.

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading my mind!! 🙂


This blog is all about my experiences of climbing trees and plucking sweet guavas in my childhood and the joy I used to feel while connecting with nature through this activity. I like eating fruits but this fruit is special amongst all the categories.

My grandmother used to have the hobby of gardening. She is very specific of spending her evenings with plants, watering them and cleaning them to have nice flourishing growth. She used to say ” Gardening makes her feel good and pleasant”. I totally agree with this feeling. Gardening is definitely very soothing and productive hobby. During my childhood, after I come from school around 4:30 pm, I remember being with my grand mother and helping her with few gardening chores. In our backyard, we used to have a guava tree. There were also some other fruiting tree varieties like sweet lime,coconut and other. This guava tree gave many sweet fruits and some used to be pink inside after they enter the ripening stage. I always liked climbing the tree to pluck few fruits that I used to spot. My grand mother was scared that I may slip off from the tree and fall down. She is not so confident of my tiny feet at that tender age I guess. 🙂 However my attempts to climb and pick the fruit were always successful.

There are many kinds of guavas in the world and this is one of the varieties found. All the varieties are special and I like the taste of this fruit since then. Today after many years, I had a chance to memorize my childhood hobby of gardening through my husbands parents place. Here at his parents place, I found a guava tree and I got a chance to taste the fruit too. Unfortunately, this tree is not of very good quality as the seed sown is not of good variety however few fruits really taste sweet and good. I know its a simple memory but gives me immense pleasure of redoing this activity to pluck a fruit from a tree and eat it fresh again after so long time.

Sweet guavas !!

This is a tree widely found all across the world except in few countries however, a very healthy fruit that can be found in most of the indian home backyards. We all like it very much in my family. Few nutritional benefits below.

  • Guava contains 21% vitamin A that helps brighten up your skin and maintains mucus membranes.
  • This fruit also contains 20% folate that works well for pregnant women and prevents neural tube damage.
  • Lycopene, found in pink coloured guavas are good for protecting skin against ultraviolet rays (UV) and also prevents prostate cancer.
  • Guavas have potassium more than bananas and this helps regulate high blood pressure.

Thanks for checking on my thoughts again!! Please visit other blogs too!


The blog starts with excess baggage and ends with no baggage!! Hope you too get rid of some unneccessary thoughts!! 🙂 How easy and flexible it would be to travel anywhere with no baggage or very less that is handy and comfortable for a smooth life. In other terms only stuff that would be useful and helpful through out the journey. I am sure each one of us have experienced different travel situations in life. Anything in life we pick up should only give us nice and pleasant feeling. If something is bothering you no doubt let go!

Gmail/Whats app/FB and many more social platforms these days for people to use and make conversations. I am not a kind of one with these however, I occasionally use few of them. After I moved out from my home and had to travel abroad, I felt its time to install one of them and start using to make it more comfortable for my routine. Otherwise, I am not the one made for these!

This reminds me of the unnecessary thoughts each one of us carry in mind and travel throughout our lives for no reason. Most of them are assumptions and no clarity in thoughts. Its quite natural we dont get along with many people around us for many reasons. It doesnt mean we are different or odd one out or the other side is wrong. Its just matter of opinions/compatability and differences in sharing. I too struggled for quite a some time though I am an open minded and easy go person by nature. Life gave me many teaching classes and all for good. We form a certain opinion just by simple messages or seeing one incident from our perspective and judging others. I feel a persons individuality and character cannot be judged over whatsapp replies or claping on photos that are shared through family groups or friends or on number of messages/replies sent or received. Its just a temporary medium where each one of us have all the world’s freedom either to reply or deny. Everything would get out of order one day and something may come up new. But the damage it does meanwhile is sometimes life threatening too! However, this is where most of them are creating unneccessary buzz. There are people who spend days or hrs thinking about the reply or the mesage they would like to send/receive throuch such mediums. I think its crazy and mere waste of time.

A persons openness would come out only when he/she is given with freedom and space to express themselves in the way they choose. How nice is it to see a flower blossoming naturally rather grown inside a closed room? Its all about flexibility in thoughts and personality and not expecting others to act or behave according to us. Time and situations are different for each one of us. There is nothing called GOOD or BAD in nature. Something may be good for someone but not for the other. Likewise, with other concepts of life too! One may be blessed with red carpet in life with good job,family’s support or anything that can make life more than easy. For the other it may be totally reverse. So we cannot simply compare the two lives and the behavioural attitudes shown by two people from such cases. Let people express or convey anything as they like. It cannot be done on a timely basis set by others like an alarm clock. Right things falling in place at right time and at the right place makes everything more beautiful.

Each one of us are made of beautiful skills and different individual mentality’s by god for a different purposes. If we learn to accept as it is, happiness in life is easy. Letting go many unneccessary thoughts is the key! Mind has patterns and it acts according to them. Meditation on daily basis or sitting in a quite place with yourself can help on fighting with routine issues of life. Sourround yourself with nice people, nature’s beauty and some nice soothing books. These can really help in battling with many problems we face day in day out.

Lets make anyone happy if we can. Troubles are of no use. The more happiness we give out the more nature attracts to give it back. Love yourself as you are and don’t shy out with other people’s opinions or advises. All will be fine EOD. Love your parents unconditionally after they reach certain age. Once gone, they may never be able to come back. I truly feel this gives unlimited satisfaction as I believe they are living gods. Spend some time with them and take time once in a while to make nice and soothing conversations. Trust me,it releases many useless worries from your mind and you may feel relaxed too. Spend some time with nature, do some gardening or pets if possible. Going according to the situation and releasing all unwanted excess baggage is the only mantra for a good and positive life. Yes, its very hard but not impossible. No doubt life is short. Use the time and energy for right things and enjoy being alive!!

I feel there should be major difference between life and death! Feeling alive is essential to lead life and achieve dreams come true.

I wish all of you happiness in life, content and good health.

Thanks for taking time and checking on my thoughts!!



Marriage & Family – A divine blessing!!

Its more than a group of people or union of two different minds.

Getting married is one of the life turning point in every one’s life. It can be either arranged by parents in some countries or love marriage as chosen by many individuals in most of the countries. This merely depends on place, culture and impact of our birth place, family and brought up. I say EOD its fate how its going to happen. 🙂

Its natural to feel and show love on people that we share blood connection and family trees. Also, its normal to feel friendly with many people right from our schooling age. Many would enjoy this experience of being in a longterm relationship and some may face unfortunate experiences too. EOD what is this feeling we all experience by accepting the fact of living with one person we love and care and sometimes feel extremely possessive for?

This relationship with one person is special as we connect from no where and we start feeling life for eachother. Emotions are very special and precious. Connecting with a person FOR LIFE takes lot of effort and time.  Once successful, it gives back FOREVER benefits with one time investment. 🙂

Its all about respecting eachother,treating with love and care, showing empathy and understanding. Relationships are wonderful when we understand eachother with unconditional love and unlimited faith in each other. Strong relationships work at hard times of life especially when we feel extreme loss of something or being at the edge of any difficult situation. A simple gesture of love can solve many difficult and next to impossible issues.

There must be a strong reason and a purposeful plan behind this system of marriage and family set by the divine. I feel its all about learning and experiencing life from some other individual having different approach to life and very unique skills. I feel god has carefully designed family system. It has all age groups, different mind sets and different individualities. This means at various situations that are difficult and scary, we need solutions and team work that saves and keeps the family system safe and secure. Being open and accepting each other is the only key. Flexibility in thoughts and adaptation according to the situation is most basic principle. Having a family is the most beautiful event that can happen to one in life. I call it divine in many ways.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 17d4aa6a4d1c51b338611dbe0c2c9cd8.jpg

There is no right or wrong way to have a family.

  • You might think the ‘ideal family’ is one where everyone gets along and is loving, supportive and close. However in reality, that’s not always the case!

  • With so many different people interacting with one another, it’s common for this to create tension and lead to disagreements, especially when a family is faced with challenges or changes.

Emotions are powerful when used with utmost care. They can either bring success and BLISSFUL EXPERIENCES or destroy one completely.


Thanks for stopping by and reading my thoughts!!

Sunday night!

It was normal sunday night however for me definitely very indifferent. I have this issue of migraine head ache and this guest comes without notice. That noon me and my hubby started from my home to visit his parents and it was a very hot sunny sunday afternoon.

Cab travel took us almost 2 hours and we were sitting inside the cab with face masks covered to our faces swetting inside out. After 2 hours of long journey, we almost reached his parents home. As the cab driver stopped the cab, I opened the door and went behind the cab trunk to collect my luggage. Adding to the odd start, additonally I got hurt on my top of head while trying to close the trunk which was hurtful more than hell. I tried to ignore it and continued to walk inside home and greet the elders who are already waiting to see us.

Head ache almost got triggered by then and its 4 pm. I tried all sorts of first care methods to reduce the pain but all my trials went in vain. Tried to catch some sleep but couldn’t as it was very hot in INDIA though it was supposed to be rainy season.

With migraine headache, I get the immediate effect of being highly sensitive to smells that are very intense. Sometimes, even a perfume fragrance happens to give me trouble. Intense glaring lights and heavy sounds are a no escape too. The bedroom we entered is in a condition where no one was visiting or staying for quite a sometime. We took some time to clean it and arrange according to our requirements for a smooth stay. All the dust took a toll on me while cleaning. As I couldnt take the smell that is bit old and intense inside the room we both decided to sleep and spend out night time on the roof top for a change. This was completely unexpected as we never slept on the top before and we are unsure of the situation upstairs. Actually more than being romantic, it was a sort of treatment and a way out to escape the closed room and get in to some open air. After some years may be, I could spot some stars and moon light. I tried my best to get in to quick sleep as my head was literally breaking by then. My husband gave his hundred percent in arranging a quick bed for me as I was very exhausted with the journey and a pathetic migraine head ache.

I got in to a very deep sleep in notime with some cool light breeze touching my face. Some mosquito bites as a bonus too. 🙂 I forgot where I am sleeping as the severe headache made me forget everything around me. It was almost 1 am as I slowly opened my eyes and tried to grab some water and realized that my pain almost got reduced. I got out of sleep and tried to locate my hair band and the face towel to clean my face with some cold water. I could see my husband sitting on a chair near by me waiting with some fruits to feed me as and I woke up. I felt good to see him beside me and bad 😦 as he waiting for me holding his sleep.

Though the reason was headache and severe traumatic feeling that made me reach on to the roof of the building, I could also feel nice and pleasant being with my husband at 1 am with a sort of calmness and seeing the whole situation from a different angle.


Troubles definitely shatter people both metally and physically sometimes however, the end is going to be beautiful if we resist and face it. This sort of headache is definitely a kind of hell by itself however, if you have your loved ones beside you showing care and empathy, its going to be fine.

We spent rest of the night counting stars and remembering our childhood days easing out all the trouble I faced since noon. Moon light added to the pleasantness and the big smile he gave us from the sky that made me feel all is going to be well. Strangely could hear tiny chirping birds flying on near by trees.

As always thank you for taking time and checking my post.

A little girls story with stars in the sky!!

Hello there!!

Been a while I sat on my blog site. I was watching a movie yesterday after finishing our dinner and one of the movie scenes made me travel back in time with my childhood mother’s love and happiness filled memories. Here it is. Please read and enjoy! blink…blink…blink!!

It was way back in 90’s – 2000 I guess. The life used to be much calmer and settled. No gadgets, no partying hard and no hurry lifestyle in and around. Its only a few friends in the school and family around for me. I was one fortunate child who could spend more time with parents and people around, unlike the era that is happening now. It was like life is mine which is made only for me. There were already two kids before me and my father always loved the home to be full of laughing and jumping kids around. After I was born my family felt we are complete. The first two were calm and reserved by nature yet they are amazing kids in their own way. I was born calm where my mom says I didn’t cry much or bothered her much. I consider myself very different and more of nature’s person. I always loved to sleep with my mom or somewhere near to her. I feel there is a different warmth and secured feeling I get whenever I sleep with her or beside her. I always used to make sure I am closest to her and my hands wrapped around her body. This is one of the best and finest happiness in the world. I should say my innermost soul feels ecstatic even now with tiny tears in my eyes trying to flush out. Nothing else in this universe can beat this feeling of unconditional love and warmth. I believe this could be infants emotions too inside the mother’s womb before taking birth. Many emotions and feelings are not always explained in any language. Nature is the best way to understand and feel it.


My father used to work in a bank and once in three years, we are supposed to get transferred to a new place. Life used to be a bit different with a new place, a fresh bunch of buddies and a new school. However, after some time there are many new stories that would come up with new people and school times. I remember I was in class 6 at age of 12. This time it was not a very well developed city but a town with a limited number of people and one single highway that has the complete town staying to its right and left. We had a very big portico in the house we rented.

There used to be power cuts in summers where we stayed. A lot of mosquitoes too. I know its very gloomy to study especially during exams and during night times but these powercuts gave me wonderful memories is what I think now. 🙂

We had no other option but to set up beds outside our home and try to get some sleep. My father never liked the idea of sleeping out. He somehow adjusted himself inside the bedroom itself. I felt sad for him as the rooms were very hot from the daylight sun. My mom, my sister, brother and myself would always love to sleep outside. Most of the times, I am the one who tries to secure a big bed to sleep beside my mother. I use to have many funny and senseless conversations with her from my tiny mind at that age. My mother used to answer many with utmost patience and grace. I remember we both used to spot many shapes of the stars and tarot signs from the sky. We used to talk about Milkyway, galaxies and many more. Slowly without my conscience, I used to get into sleep as the cold and soothing wind comes and passes by. Wrapping myself inside the blanket that I and my mom shared was the beautiful feeling I ever had. In the middle of the night, If I had a short break of opening my eyes, I make sure to check my mom is beside me. Nights are sometimes scary too. 🙂 My mother is my biggest support and safety cover. Whenever I think of the old times, I feel how close and happy I was in my childhood with her always being around me and spending more time with me.

download (2)

The time she invested in me and in my growth is priceless. The happiness and secured feeling my mind gathered at that tender age got so stuck in me, I feel pleasant and happy even today. Memories and her presence in my life since I am born are the ones I cherish forever. After marriage though I moved to some other place with my partner, I carry all the wonderful times spent with her and continue to do so. Mother is one of the wonderful creation of God from whom nature continues to re-happen. Please give time to your mothers at their old age and try all the possible ways to make her feel good and special. Family time and true emotions can’t be found everywhere. They are rare and priceless. Please value your families, time in your life and gods gift of life.

It’s sad when I see today’s newborns where they are left in daycares right from 6 months of age after they are born. Those were the lovely nights and serene sleep times I had in my childhood with my mother and nature. Happiness lies in tiny things. It’s rare that we realize and feel it. I believe for whatever I am today my parents are completely responsible. They gave me the most secured childhood and a great life.

These days I carry similar experiences with my better half on our holiday times now and then. He also enjoys sitting and spotting stars with me. I feel this is one way of relaxing ourselves and touching our souls within of being together. We spend time chatting and checking tiny, big and sparkling stars under the biggest natures roof. I believe in praying whenever we spot a falling star too. One of my friend and a lot of movies made me do so. 🙂

Even today, I love to share and recollect all my lovely moments of life with my mother and father back home.

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Thanks as always for stopping by and reading my blog!

Fish need not be taught with swimming!

Hey there!

Long time I have written something and today I felt like writing about nature, its creation and the invisible intelligence hidden in every creature with life in it.

I have finished my lunch and being a Friday noon, wanted to go till the super store to fetch myself with some veggies, fruits and some monkey nuts to avoid weekend shopping. It’s partially sunny though the wind is very chilled outside. I finished all my day time activities and headed towards the store. It was a good short walk I had and felt lovely with the interactions I had with the nature during my walk. Many people feel aloneness is a punishment however, if used in a right way its BLISS. This is the time we get to spend with our self, some internal thought process happening and yeah some sensible self talk.

I reached the store and quickly grabbed what I wanted and finished my billing.  On my way back home, I felt like sitting in the park that happens to be one of my favourite place anytime to relax looking at the greenery and the squirrels jumping around and playing. The interactions I make with the nature and the tiny creatures in the park are just awesome. Spending few minutes each day with nature, trees and the tiny living beings that make these greenery spots as their homes is just a wonderful experience and soothing to mind. In fact all these pigeons, parrots and squirrels, ducks and other creation make these parks more beautiful and lively.

So here comes the tiny little story for today. This squirrel was making rounds around the bench I sat and looks at me now and then. Once I make any sort of noise or move, it goes back with jet speed and tries to climb the tree near by. Since many days I was thinking of feeding these squirrels with any nuts and today comes the lovely moment. Luckily, I had some monkey nuts with me and invited all the squirrels for the nut party. haha I wondered how would all of them know that I have announced a party with nuts in my hand? Here comes the fantastic creation of god. One after the other all of them followed and grabbed the nuts from my hand. I slowly started filming and taking pictures with the other hand and could capture few ecstatic moments while they are saving food for the approaching winter days.


It caught the nut with its mouth and headed searching for a right spot all over the ground with grass and dried leaves that fell from the trees. After a quick search it places the nut very close to it and digs a tiny pit with its front pair of legs and places the nut inside with some mud on it patting carefully again and again. During this process of safeguarding its nut, I was wondering who taught all this to this little squirrel?? Who must have warned to save some food for the coming winter days? Who is behind them for all this planning and implementation? I remembered the saying often my mother says to me ” Fish need not be taught how to swim”.

I was feeling very pleasant inside me through out and felt its the almighty who created them has made all the necessary intelligence to survive and gather food for its life. The super power is responsible for all this beauty of nature and planning. My long time wish to feed them got fulfilled and I felt really happy to be part of the creation and contribute very little for the squirrels winter food factory. 🙂

I must say its a wonderful and perfect evening for me personally and I hope to have many more opportunities to be part of this lovely nature and feel all the pleasure and happiness it has in store. While coming back home I even thought of my father and my lovely hubby who likes nature and such sweet instances. I was travelling through this complete incident along with the tiny squirrels in front of my eyes and my parents and husband inside my mind. What else should be the definition of happiness and power of thoughts? This is it all!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Thanks for reading this blog taking sometime. I hope you too get to watch and feel the nature closely some time soon!!

She is graceful!

This blog is all about being warm and empathetic towards others, giving time and taking care of those who seek your help and assistance. Skill of being sensible in this fast paced technology gadget filled world. Having those little emotions and concern towards others, and after all-knowing your limits and carrying a graceful attitude in everything you do.

After a long wait we have finally relocated from our mother country as my husband was offered a work based role abroad on a temporary basis. Flying and travel were fine and now comes the hunt for a home. 🙂

As per our past experiences and happy stay, we have decided to choose the same flat we rented sometime back. However, there happens to be a delay  for the moving date with a gap of 3 weeks between vacating our temporary stay before we occupy the new flat. Luckily, my husbands school friend stays in the same city with his family. We thought he would be the right choice to spend these 3 weeks before we move in to our flat.

It was a very fine morning and sunny day. A cab was hired from the hotel we stayed to their home. Almost after a 45 min drive, we reached their place and got a warm welcome by the couple. To my  surprise she has already made the necessary arrangements for our 3 week stay. Here I meet this girl with an interesting personality.

As there is a say “Gracefulness has more impact than beauty“. In brief she is quick and sensible. Knows her limits and ways to treat people to the best of her efforts. Genuine and energetic by nature and talkative too. People may mistake that she is calm and reserved at very first instance but she tends to open up over a period of time with those who make good conversations with her. And here comes the biggest mismatch to all the attributes I mentioned abv. lol She is much younger to me and belongs to 90’s born.  In current situations and changing lifestyles, its difficult and rare to encounter such females who are born from 90’s yet so down to earth and have good maturity levels and sensibilities.  These day things are happening in a such a way that there is no more a difference or a very little difference between nature of being male and female. IT world is trying to shade away the limits and boundaries set by nature drastically. Feminine and loving nature in females is slowly vanishing with time and changes in the lifestyles.

She was so warm and welcoming, it really made us feel better and happy through out our stay.  There could be other options for us to find a stay anywhere else too but the feeling of being part of a home and family is priceless in a new country. I could feel the pleasantness and welcoming attitude  in her treatment towards us no matter she is meeting us so closely just for the second time. The complete stay went well and four of us had a good family time.



I am writing my experience with her for two reasons. One being the love and joy she shared with us by helping out through out our stay. Secondly, personally making me feel loved and proud to meet a girl young at age and high in maturity and thoughtfulness that I rarely get to meet in general. A four wall room becomes a home and happy place to stay only when the lady of the house is welcoming and graceful with pleasant personality.  My elders always say – “You will have guests visiting you often and dines with you only when the lady of the house is welcoming and loving towards people and acts responsible towards their needs”. Before we moved out, as a friendly gesture, we tried to show them our thankfulness by selecting few useful gifts for their lovely home however, I realize the help they offered to us is more than anything that we could give back.

I believe any sort of help we get through someone matters when we need it at some situation in life! Every small piece of support has to be valued and treasured. All good you did in the past/present/future comes to you when you need the most from the universe. I believe this very much and pray god to give me more opportunities in life to serve for the better and do good. I wish to meet and spend time with more such genuine hearted and helpful souls to grow and strengthen my life experiences.

I wish them all the best in their lives and will cherish the good days we spent together. As a gift, this blog is to the couple we met and spent quality time.

Thanks for reading my blog as always!



A divine feel!

It was almost close to 12 am in my city and my husband is already in sleep having lovely dreams and making conversations with some angels I guess. I am sitting on my bed trying to catch up some sleep however due to my noon nap, I had to wait a little more!

Since few days, I am playing few meditation related and soothing tunes that my husband introduced me to! They are really calm and extremely pleasant. While I listen to them, I am able to be away from any other unusual thoughts that usually poke in to my brain quite often. They are definitely painful and make my energy levels low and not a good feel EOD.  I try my best not to talk to them but sometimes, there is very less choice left!!

We as a couple believe in spending sometime with each other before we sleep after a long day’s work and busy lifestyle. It could be anything like talking to each other though we have nothing important or meaningful sometimes lol…,good and bad stories from our childhood experiences and few more minutes to be calm and relax ourselves before one among us feel sleepy. 🙂 We made it as a rule to keep ourselves away from mobiles and any other electronic gadgets in a dim and calm bedroom at least 30 minutes before we sleep. That night these lovely tunes were also talking to us as a part of pleasant good night conversations! I was feeling so nice, in few minutes I entered into a different zone of calmness. You may not believe, there is certainly a different ” Divine Feel” I experienced that night and I loved it. Its hard to explain until one gets an opportunity to feel it but let me give my best try to explain in few words I can.

By then, my husband is already asleep when I turned to talk to him. I kept calm allowing him to continue his sleep slightly turning towards my pillow. The window was wide open and I could see stars and the seven divine yogis we call in our culture. (Who reside in the sky in the form of stars – also called as holy saints in general) . If you can spot them this night, the below is what you should see!!

7 stars

After long time I was able to see so many other stars including them since the sky was very much clear that night. I remember spotting such stars and asking my mom for their names and star signs in my childhood when we slept outdoors in summers. At that moment, my mind was filled with happiness thinking about my family and life I am blessed with, and a special calmness even though my mind made me remember many others who also gave me pain/challenges and hurtful feelings so far in my life. This time, I got a pleasant smile on my face thinking of them too. This is what I call as a Divine Feel. No hurting anymore or no disturbance rather I felt life is simple and people are playing their own roles as destined.  I could forget the city I am residing and the family I am born and my loving husband sleeping beside me. I am somewhere in another world of thoughts at that moment.  I prayed for everyone’s well being irrespective of their treatment to me and started enjoying my inner peaceful space. In fact I felt the disconnectedness from every thing around me and anyone I know in this world all at once for a minute.  I was able to feel and inner soul existence without being attached to any thing or a person. Its like no bondage or emotional baggage attached.  Few drops of tears fell from eyes too while I am undergoing this process inside me.  It was like floating in space with a very lite weighed particles that made me and having no sounds or anything as such around me. To mention, there was this light midnight traffic downstairs of my flat since the window was open but I couldn’t feel anything as such. Absolute calmness within!!

No one is good/bad by birth or no one is eternal here. All the relationships we have and people we meet are here in our life are just for a reason and only for a season. No point in hurting back or cultivating any other unusual feelings on such people. At that moment, I could feel the time and energy I wasted in getting hurt again and again many number of times for reasons that are unnecessary and for the people who just came into my life to make me learn something. I felt where ever I felt pain and hurtfulness, there is some learning for me to know and realize. I need to ignore the outer layers of the situation and people who play a role in those kind of tough or complicated situations and look in to the depth to pick up the precious learnings that are stored inside just for me. One has to dive in to depths to pick up the precious pearls from the shells. In this course, one has to overcome the heavy tides and unwanted obstacles during the travel. Many get scared with the tide strength and get back to the shore. I was one among these till I felt this. Now I know to dive or at least give a try here onwards.

Many times people get carried off with the hurting situation and divert themselves towards anger, cry and depressing feelings or loose hope. They tend to loose the current happiness/time or loving people they have around them. Impact is huge on the mind be it good or bad. I felt I should not be stuck with emotions and hurtfulness rather move on taking the learning’s and leave the unnecessary baggage. I said to myself that’s fine if I need to meet and spend time with few people who are not close to me or doesn’t matter to me in my life directly. You may feel ignored or unnoticed by few that you may expect or want to get close with. Acceptance to the truth in life that not every one we meet should get close to us and love us unconditionally. Only few souls are destined to connect and travel with us in this lovely journey.  Rest are there to create obstacles and give a strong push for us to create such lovely journeys. Privilege of being an important  part of our life’s journey is only given to few souls who deserve however, purpose of life is reached with the help of these two categories odd/best ones. We tend to ignore this fact many times thinking the odd one’s are here to ruin our peacefulness in life. This process starts from school if we observe. There is a reason for us to see/meet/greet them. To overcome the hurtfulness and ignorance from the people we love and feel like close to heart is a challenge and I too agree. However, if a human being can think beyond it is possible. Its just that it has to happen within us consistently.

One has to start the process of choosing such divine and powerful thoughts to support the internal system of feeling good and to elevate higher level of consciousness. If some one is hurting, that’s fine. Give it sometime for them to realize the actual facts or move on with your life. Time has all the solutions and realizations planned for each individual. No other way here! Every one has to learn and lead life. Just that timing makes a difference for each individual.  Nothing is more important than self or life within us. Taking care and spending time with the few people who love us and are behind our success and failures is good as long as we are alive. Most importantly, not hurting or ignoring these few loving souls creates more happiness in life. Say “Hello” to the ones who message you or try to chat with you taking a minute time from your life. Saying the same “Hello” on your own to people also gives you a great feeling.  Always giving has more pleasure than taking! Don’t wait for an opportunity to do things for your loved ones rather create one. Time and tide waits for none! Remember?!!!

Think of the purpose you are born and if possible try to love every one though they get back to you with hurtfulness. If not possible to love and care as I understand the fact not all get connected to us, dont hurt or ignore anyone who is around you. No one is eternal here and time is running!

Everything pays off at the end and the pleasantness you get while being good towards people is huge and intense. It matters! One has to feel it to understand.

Thanks for taking time and reading my blog!